Livery - Conditions of Use

  • 1. As an independently-licensed private hire driver you are solely responsible to ensure that you comply with all licensing conditions as stipulated by your licensing authority, including adhering to any and all livery and advertising requirements.

  • 2. Whenever you take a trip using the Uber platform, you must comply with all your licence conditions, including correctly displaying the Uber approved livery on the vehicle you have selected on your partner account, as required by your licence conditions.

  • 3. Livery must not be altered or misused in any way, for example by cutting down, re-shaping or affixing it to the incorrect part of your vehicle. Such misuse would be a breach of the terms of your partnership with Uber and may be a breach of your licensing conditions.

  • 4. Livery is non-transferable. Any livery issued to you must not be passed to or used by any other driver or affixed to any other vehicle than the one you have currently selected on your partner-account. This includes passing to another driver for free or in exchange for cash. If livery sold to you is used by another driver, this would be a branch of the terms of your partnership with Uber.

  • 5. Non-compliance with these regulatory obligations could result in you permanently losing your access to the app. Breach of your licensing conditions may cause your licensing authority to revisit whether to continue to licence you as a private hire driver.